Looking At Options In Door Handles

While it might not be the greatest purchase a homeowner can make, a new door knob or door handles is certainly something that visitors will notice is a distinguishing small mark on the character of a building. A new knob can add to the security by being stronger, while a more distinct style might add to the flavor of a house or outbuilding that is being refurbished into a new attitude. It pays to have a variety of choices, so look at a website that provides those options.

A handle is different from a knob in that it is much easier for hand to grip and move the door. If the handle is for an outside access point, it possibly does not have any moving parts and simply helps to move the door along its hinge while preserving a good grip. For home and shop doors, the handle is likely an extended knob with a bar for easier leverage. These are much better for wet weather or when the resident has trouble opening doors.

There is nothing about door handles that automatically scream old age or disability, but they can certainly be useful for someone who has trouble opening a knob under any circumstances. They appear old fashioned and are definitely an attractive feature on a door. They also greatly aide in the ease of turning the fulcrum point as well as pulling the door open or close. 

There is no reason not to consider the upgrade. A person might install a handle of this fashion earlier in their lives with the reasoning that it might become very important as they age but still wish to live in their own homes. If a family member does become disabled in old age or due to an accident, then switching from a knob to an attractive handle is a small but obvious way to help them come and go. 

A person lacking fine motor skills has no problem at all opening a door with a lengthened handle. They can do it with their palm, although would still have to move the lock turn to unlock the internal mechanism. There are accessories that can help with even this, but just know that brass and steel door handles are excellent choices when ease of access are a major concern.

Aside from being easier to turn, they are also attractive and classic. They never really go out of style because they are functional as well as beautiful. They might range in a plain stainless steel bar to an ornate brass bar with a curve. It pays to look around at the yard and the fence line for inspiration. Brass goes great with wood furniture and a rustic exterior to a house. Steel handles are more strongly associated with secure rooms in a business building.

Prices tend to be higher than the cheapest knob handles, but they are still quite reasonable. The better ones are robust and secure, able to withstand heavy body weight. As the lock might be embedded in thick metal with some models, they tend to be safer than regular door knobs.